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HIT Kickboxing is our fitness kickboxing program.  

Imagine a Crossfit workout wrapped around a Thai Boxing training class and you're almost there.

Our Thai Boxing base means the utilization of heavy bags, focus mitts, body shields and Thai Pads.  Basic striking put into various combinations make sure we train both sides of the body equally.  Combinations are also taught with a "street application" in mind.

The warm up and strength training portions of the class will see the use of jump ropes, kettlebells, speed ladders,  medicine balls, BOSU/Fitness Ball training, plyo boxes, and good old fashioned body weight exercises.

Work to rest ratios vary from round to round.  A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Protocol can be followed by a 5 minute heavy bag routine, followed by twenty 30 seconds rounds of pad work.  It varies every single workout.

As one long time student put it, "I've been here for 10 years and never seen the same workout twice."
Got a wedding or reunion coming up?

Want to look your best in a short period of time?

Then the HIT VIP Program is for you.  12 Weeks to a trimmer, fitter, stronger, and healthier you.

The program includes:
A Fitness Evaluation and Goal Setting Session
A Phase One  21 Day Balancing Nutrition Program
Phase Two and Three Nutrition Program with Grocery List and Meal Planning 
A Personalized Supplementation Program, Developed by a Dr
12 Weeks of Unlimited Group HIT Kickboxing Classes
Home Workouts for When You Can't Make it to Class
Bi Weekly Personal Training Sessions
Daily Accountability Work Sheets
24/7 Support Through the Team HIT VIP FB Group

Best of all, if you don't reach the goals we set in evaluation and goal setting session, I am going to give you a full refund of your membership dues.


Follow the program, get your results, or get your money back.  

Fill out the Information Request to schedule your first session or to get more information. 

This will work, even if everything else you ave ever tried has failed.  I will partner with you to make sure.