"Top 10 Self Defense Schools in the USA" - World Martial Arts Magazine
Our Youth Vee Arnis Jujitsu Program has two points of focus.

The first, and most important, is the anti bully and anti abduction training.  Protecting your child is your primary concern. But you can't always be there with them.  This program is the next best choice. Know that you send your child to school every day with the confidence and skill to control both verbal and physical confrontations, should they be confronted by a school yard bully. Also be confident that should they be approached by an adult, who may mean harm, they can safely get away from that situation as well.

The second, is athletic development.  The children do balance training, bodyweight conditioning and proper strength training, in this portion of the class.  Many of the current participants are involved in other sports, and find this training to enhance their play at that sport(s). Both recreational and National Champion level athletes have participated in this program, to great acclaim.

All the benefits of traditional martial arts training are also seen. A greater attention span, attention to detail, greater respect for others, self confidence and self discipline are all results of your child's participation in this program.

Every child is special to their parents. We can make your child extraordinary to everyone.

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