"Top 10 Self Defense Schools in the USA" - World Martial Arts Magazine
Vee-Arnis-Jujitsu - MMA for the Street
Born in NYC, for the extreme street crime occurring in the 70's through mid 90's, Vee Arnis Jujitsu is the most complete and aggressive self defense system available today. 

Often called the system of systems, Vee Arnis Jujitsu incorporates the most street effective techniques from Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Arnis, Judo, Wing Chun, Aikido, Boxing,  and  Wrestling.  

Added to these techniques are the dirty street fighting tactics of eye gouging, biting, groin and joint strikes.  By employing these violent tactics the use of martial arts techniques, against a larger, more aggressive, and possibly armed attacker, becomes a realistic possibility in the street environment.

Unlike most "martial arts" that preach counters and reactions to specific attacks, Vee Arnis Jujitsu is a true self defense system.  By utilizing Vee Arnis Jujitsu's "10 Commandments of Self Defense" and its "3 Goals of any Self Defense Situation" the student has a game plan to handle any street attack.  

While the students may choose the technique that applies best, based on the student's skill, the attackers size, the environment present, and the situation at hand, the concepts, principles, and goals are consistent.  I.E. is the student in a law enforcement or security officer role, or is he/she simply fending off a mugger?  While the techniques may change the systematic approach to the situation will always remain the same. 

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