"Top 10 Self Defense Schools in the USA" - World Martial Arts Magazine
Ongoing Tactical Training

For those who live in the area, the DICTATE program is available on a continual basis.  It is perfect for those who want immediate self defense skills and have no interest in the traditions, uniforms, or the years long process of learning a martial art before they can realistically use it to defend themselves anywhere other than the dojo.
A constant focus on the concepts and goals, the program is based upon, gives the average person the ability to defend themselves quicker than any other program out there.
You don't have to be an "operator" to train and defend yourself like one.  DICTATE TTC can offer you the opportunity to do just that.
User Level Courses

​On a bi-monthly basis, except around the traditional holiday season, our Chief Instructor teaches DICTATE Certification Courses.  All of the available courses are offered.  You can pick and choose the courses that interest you the most and attend only those courses.  See the course list below, and look at our SEMINAR page regularly, and sign up for the ones you wish to attend.
A minimum proficiency must be demonstrated in order to receive certification.  Should you not pass you would be invited to attend the same course, at no charge, the next time it is offered.
Instructor Level Courses

​Military Units and Law Enforcement Agencies may contract our team to come to your facility and train your instructors to teach this program.  It is also possible to utilize our facility.  Multiple Units and Agencies may attend, to disperse the costs, with the host's consent.

Civilian Martial Arts Instructors may also become certified as instructors in the DICTATE Program.  A careful selection, of those we partner ourselves with, will include a credentials verification and background check will be conducted.

You can be certified at an Instructor Level or in any particular topic of interest.

All interested parties should email to get more information.
Our DICTATE Program was originally developed for US Special Forces deploying to Bosnia-Herzegovina.  They were looking for a simple skill set to deploy their weapons from a concealed position.  As it grew to the Group level, unarmed combat, weapon defense and impact/edged weapon tactics were added to their ongoing training cycle.
It was developed by putting Vee Arnis Jujitsu into a crucible and teaching only what was easily learned, remembered under stress, and effective in  its application.  As we continue to work with other members of the Special Operations community, for both the US and its allies, as well as law enforcement agencies internationally, the program is constantly reviewed to ensure it remains on the cutting edge.  When improvements can be made, we make them.  Nothing is written in stone.  Practical application is all this program is about.
Program Offerings

Hand 2 Hand I: Defense off the 5 angles of attack
Hand 2 Hand II: Close Quarters Empty Hand Attacks
Hand 2 Hand III: Fighting Off the Wall and Ground

Weapon Defense I:  Defense Off the 5 Angles of Attack
Weapon Defense II: Close Quarters Weapon Defense

Weapon Tactics I: Impact/Improvised Weapon Tactics
Weapon Tactics II: Edged Weapon Tactics
Weapon Tactics III: Weapon v Weapon

Weapon Deployment/Weapon Retention

Entry Team Combatives (Military and Law Enforcement Agencies ONLY)

You can join the over 100 Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Units who have trained in DICTATE.
The organizations include:
​US 10th Special Forces Group
DEA International Instructor Team
PA Department of Corrections
Michigan Department of Corrections
USAF 103rd Pararescue Squadron
Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff's Department
US Army 148th Military Police Detachment
US Army 101st Airborne Division
US State Department (International Law Enforcement Academy)
Colorado Springs Police Department
CO Department of Corrections
Royal Thai Police
Cambodian National Police
USAF 90th Security Forces
New Life Church Security Team
Focus on the Family Personal Security Team
Malaysian National Police

...and many more.  Units/Agencies references on request.